An origination fee of 0.09% is charged when a loan is opened on Torque.

There is also an interest fee of 10% of interest paid.

Remember, all fees go back to BZRX holders either directly or indirectly. BZRX stakers are entitled to claim fees in proportion to their stake of BZRX and half of all fees will go toward the Insurance Fund, which can also be claimed by BZRX holders.

To incentivize early activity, borrowers who pay fees to the bZx protocol will get 50% of their fees returned to them in the form of vBZRX tokens. Additionally, during the first month, 0.5% of the BZRX token supply will be disbursed each week in the form of vBZRX to users based on the quantity of fees generated during that week.

Fee parameters and incentives may be changed through governance.

Read our staking guide for more information. You can also play around with our Staking Dashboard and Staking Calculator to get a better sense of how staking works.

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