Interest payments on Fulcrum and Torque are paid in advance of being owed to ensure the protocol functions smoothly without causing undue risks to users.

When you open a position on Fulcrum you front 28 days worth of interest payments, and when you open a loan on Torque you front 3 months worth of interest payments. These are dispersed to lenders over time. If you close your position prior to the fronted interest being entirely depleted the remainder is returned to you.

To maintain a buffer of interest payments there are two methods the protocol uses. A manual addition of more interest by the user, and a protocol facilitated roll over of the position that fronts more interest from the positions collateral.

The manual addition of new interest can be done any time after the position has been opened through the position management tab. You can front additional interest for a little as an hour or for years or more if you please.

A roll over of your position is undertaken when your fronted interest payments run out. A roll over is then executed which takes 28 days worth of interest payments from your collateral. In addition to this, your collateral is also used to pay for the gas cost of the roll over + the equivalent of the gas cost again as a reward given to the executor of the roll over. Given the current gas environment these gas fees can be extremely high at times which can cause your position to be liquidated depending on its size.

We strongly recommend manually fronting your own interest to avoid incurring a roll over.

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