The trading process is extremely simple, requiring only three clicks before you are prompted to approve the transaction. The trading interface allows you to purchase pTokens, which give you exposure to a desired short or leveraged position. If you want 3x long exposure to wBTC, simply select 3x under wBTC long, click buy, enter the number you want to buy, click buy, and approve the transaction.

How to open position

(1) Select the amount of leverage for your asset. 

(2) Click “Buy” button

(3) Enter the quantity and click “Leverage” button.

Collateral for long positions it’s the asset you are going long on(wBTC in our example). When you hit blue "Leverage WBTC" button,  You’re borrowing DAI from a Fulcrum lending pool and that DAI is swapped into wBTC on KyberNetwork. 

There are a few options for purchase tokens available and you can choose any token to swap during opening trade(and thus save time on visiting exchange):

Collateral for short positions it's USDC or DAI.

You will be prompted to approve the transaction in your web3 wallet.  

When the transaction has been approved, the pToken will be deposited into your wallet. You are free to enter into other trades, create loans, or navigate away from the site while the transaction is pending.

How to manage open positions 

On a Trade page, click Manage Positions checkbox

 You'll see a list of your trading positions:

Click on Sell button

Click on Close button and confirm transaction in your web3 wallet. 

Optionally you can choose withdrawal token on this screen, and we'll swap your position into chosen ERC-20 token automatically.

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